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Library Visits

Reading Programs are conducted by our centres' teachers to enhance children’s reading skills.

Age appropriate books are also available for reading at the library corners in our centres.

Visits to the libraries will be organised during school holidays to further develop children’s interests in reading at a young age.












Graduation Concert

We have an annual concert, which coincide with the Kindergarten 2 graduation. Nursery 2 and K1 children are given an opportunity to perform on stage.


















We organize fun field trips to expose children to concrete learning experiences. Parents are encouraged to participate in these outings together with the children for better bonding. At the same time, parents and teachers will also take these opportunities to interact and gain more understanding of their children.
















For Parents

We organize Parents Teachers Meetings to share information about the children's progress, interests and habits to pave the way for better understanding of children.

Parental Seminars and Workshops on topics relating to the development of young children will be held occasionally to enhance Parents' knowledge.