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Our Vision

At Happy Family, we strive to provide our children with a loving and caring environment of the highest standards, covering the wide spectrum of child development.

Our programs are organised to accomodate age-segmented groups, and allow for a full range of indoor and outdoor preschool activities.

Our philosophy is to provide a structured yet unregimented environment in which our children may develop their individuality to their greatest potential.

Children to be Happy Life-long Learnners.










Our Mission

It is our mission to present opportunities for children to grow and develop as emerging learners within a complex society.

We aim to provide a child-focused, safe and inspiring learning environment which promotes each child's holistic development.

We strive to provide the children with positive values needed to build a strong foundation for each child to evolve into a happy lifelong learner.














Our Core Values

Our underlying core values are Respect and Responsibility.

1) Respect

We recognise the unique differences that make up each individual and strive to foster respect and listen to the views of others.

Children are respected by all adults and their peers. They should be allowed to express their feelings and be listened to as well as be acknowledged for their individual competencies and capabilities.

Teachers and staff are to be respected by parents, children and Management as professionals with knowledge of their early childhood education.

Every staff in the centre is respected and acknowledged for their contributions to the company.

2) Responsibility

Management, teachers, staff and children understand and accept consequences for our actions.

Teachers are aware and responsible for the children's learning environments including safety. They are to be equipped with various teaching approaches or pedagogies to carry out well-prepared activities. They should apply i-Teach principles including learning dispositions for children, making thoughtful observations and useful assessments to ensure holistic development of the children. Teachers work closely with parents to understand and support their children's growth and development.

Children understand and observe classroom rules and routines. They take responsibilities for their actions through positive ways of expressions and communications. They are to be equipped with appropriate social skills and learn to love and take care of themselves, their friends, families and communities.